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Located in Thailand, between the large island of Phuket and the western Andaman Sea coast of the mainland. The islands are part of Krabi province.
Ko Phi Phi Don is the largest island of the group, and is the only island with permanent inhabitants, although the beaches of the second largest island, Ko Phi Phi Lee (or "Ko Phi Phi Leh"), are a massive temptation to travelers from every corner of the world.
The other islands in the group, including Bida Nok, Bida Noi, and Bamboo Island, are not much more than abstract large limestone rocks jutting out of the turquoise sea.
Phi Phi Don was initially populated by Muslim fishermen during the late 1940s, and later became a coconut plantation.
These incredibly beautiful islands came to worldwide prominence when Ko Phi Phi Leh was used as a location for the 2000 film 'The Beach'. The film's release had a massive effect on tourism to the islands. Phi Phi Leh also houses the 'Viking Cave', from which there is a 'thriving' bird's nest soup industry.
Ko Phi Phi was devastated by the Indian Ocean Tsunami of In December 2004, and nearly all of the island's infrastructure was destroyed.
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