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CCPP is a grassroots project that works with underprivileged children working and living on the beaches in

Sihanoukville, Cambodia. These children live in impoverished households, are orphaned, or without consistent family
support. They lack access to proper nutrition, clean water, regular education and medical care, and are vulnerable to
economically and sexually exploitative situations. CCPP’s objective is to provide them with a safe, stable, and
emotionally supportive social environment which is critical for their development and protection. The CCPP Center does
this by providing these children with the opportunity to develop their imagination and skills through artistic painting as
the core activity, and through the sale of their paintings to generate some basic income for themselves and for their
family needs. Further, we connect artistic expression to general education, and help the children pursue formal
schooling. At the heart of our work is the belief that education and knowledge are the antidotes to poverty and
exploitation. The Cambodian Children’s Painting Project relies on the kindness of our sponsors and donors to keep its
doors open. Our volunteers also make the day-to-day running of the project possible. Please read further to see how
you might be able to help us help the children of Cambodia!
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