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Dear Manny

I am sorry for the delay , has been so busy, then Ben surprised me with a holiday in Rome, which was blissful, however I can't fit into any of my clothes now, how amazing is real Italian food!?!?!?! :)
Ok, so you gave me 3 folders, I have made a large selection from within that, and spent the day edited them to enhance the images to go in the book.
My plan is to add in as many as I feel work within the 100 pages, in a flow that shows your wedding day as I go along. (N.B not all the images will be in the book-it depends what works)

Before I go ahead with the designing, I wanted to check you are happy with the selections, are there any you haven't given me which you feel should be in ? I can't see any getting ready shots or church shots? is this as you want it?

If so I will start with all the formal family pictures, then more on to the reception, first dance, cutting the cake, and epic party shots to round things off! :)

Please let me know your thoughts.