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Between 1975-1979 the Khmer Rouge led the Holocaust that slaughtered hundreds of thousands of innocent people. A racial rejuvenation in the eyes of their leader Pol Pot, their goal was to create one ultimate race of people.

Pol Pot killed millions of his own people for ridiculous reasons like they wore glasses, had an education, or were ethnically impure.

This event is an example that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights issued by the United Nation is meaningless. The torture and slaughtering that took place, denies the principle of humanism and the idea that all individuals matter. People were killed based on their race, education level, economic, and governmental status.

According to the Khmer Rouge, only those who they thought were suitable for the new society could live. They clearly did not believe that the individual mattered of had any rights.If leaders like Pol Pot can come to power and kill people in their countries, should there be a better way of picking leaders in all countries?

To people like Pol Pot and Hitler, and to governments like those now in Sudan, Burma and North Korea, the principle of humanism does not even exist.

In Cambodia the leaders of the Khmer Rouge, to this day have still not been prosecuted. .